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Rude Strand


The miles of white sandy beaches attract children and adults from near and far. Sheltered from the wind, the sandy beaches are a great playground for young and old. The Blue Flag guarantees clean and clear
bathing, flushing toilets and a clean environment. In addition, you get a wonderful view of Tunø and throughout the sailor's life unfolds in Aarhus Bay.
Outside the bathing season, families can also enjoy the salty, fresh sea air.
Almost everywhere you are allowed to move along the coast, and it means that you can easily find your own spot, if it's peace and quiet you are looking for. It is always exciting on the beach - and a brisk walk provides good appetite.


Saksild Strand



A cozy natural harbor 9 miles south of Aarhus entrance to Kysing Fjord.
A well-protected harbor with good facilities, toilet, bath and access to the clubhouse. Fresh fish, fresh air and a nice walk around the fjord (bird sanctuary) or along the headland.
Those who wish to catch the fish, should be aware that fishing in and around the port area is not allowed. There will trouts from the coast at Kysing headlands, and at Norsminde Flak is the flounder and cod. See more at http://www.fredning.fd.dk/



Krabbebro for children.
Bathing beach in front of the harbor entrance.
Water, diesel, mast crane and slipway.
A delicious meal can be acquired at Norsminde Gl.

Norsminde port


Hou port

Hou is a charming port city. From 1884 to 1977, Hou terminus of Odder course.
When Hou was incommunicado from both rural and seaside changed the city from fishing village to the station and seaport.
Today Hou is a charming town with a nice marina, good shops, tavern and restaurants.
Harbour Cafe offers live music every week.
From the ferry port there are daily connections to Tunø and island.
There is lovely wide beaches, kitchen-bath and washing facilities, and of course everything you might need for assistance to repair and maintenance of your boat.



Hou Marina

Hou network

Discover Hou


Besøg Økologiens Have i Odder

Organics Garden in Odder, south of Aarhus is the largest organic inspection and demonstration garden. The garden spreads over 11.8 acres.
This is equivalent to 118,000 sqm. or 150 private gardens.
Organics Garden is divided into many different theme gardens. Here you can smell and see several thousand plants.
We also have sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, donkeys, ponies and calves on pasture in the summer.
Visit the garden and get tips and ideas on how you can grow your garden organically.

There is plenty of space where the kids can play.



Organic gardening


Kystfiskeri, Alrø

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Cottage with boat

Fish Species: Brown trout, steelhead and garfish during the season.

Tip: Excellent family site on the east side of the dam for garfish.
High tide and weak westerly winds ideal. Bubble float with herring. Brown trout and steelhead in deep channels between Alrø and Lerdrup Beach. Wading necessary.
Well fly water or herring and bubble float.
Important: Render up to 3m deep with strong currents, vigilance is necessary.
Parking: At the end of the dam, there is a parking space. It is not allowed to park on the dam.

Alrø by loop:
Fish Species: Brown trout, steelhead and garfish during the season.
Parking: Excellent spacious room with toilet.
Tip: across the mussel reef that goes in a westerly direction from Egehoved approx. 10 minutes. walk to the right. Can be seen at low tide. Obvious fly space.
Use of waders required. Deep channel with strong currents Exercise great caution.




Sondrup, Åkjær, Uldrup Bakker

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Country cabinet is shaped by the ice age. A large part of the forest area is a forest reserve with old deciduous forest, mostly beech, but there are also stretches of oak and ash. There are marked trails and special mushrooms interested can see instances of many different species of fungi. From udsigtsigtshøjene's views on Alrø and Vorsø. There are also a rich bird life.



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